At Northside Christian College we are committed to preparing our students for work and life in the digital age, with all it’s unique opportunities and challenges.  This is particularly visible in the way we integrate digital tools throughout the curriculum to give students authentic learning opportunities.  One of the most important ways we achieve this goal is through our iPad program.  In 2013 all students from Years 5-10 will be involved in the program.
We recognise the reality that today’s students cannot envisage a world without digital devices.  To ignore the opportunities that such devices open up for learning for our young people would be to lack imagination and vision.  However, we are also conscious that as with any form of media, there is potential for misuse or abuses if there is not a process in place to manage the introduction of new technology into the classroom.
The College has operated with PC’s, laptops and some Mac computers for a number of years.  The default platform is Windows, and the MS Office suite of programs is the most commonly used.  So, why choose the iPad?  A range of tablet options were demonstrated for the team, including iPad, but in the end all agreed that as a starting point, the iPad has more to offer.  Previous programs in other schools have demonstrated the durability and stability of the device.  It is light to carry, intuitive to use and has a long battery life, so it does not need charging at school.  Most importantly, ‘app’ developers target the iPad market, and Apple has made education a priority.
As a Christian school, we believe we have a particular responsibility to teach our students to use new technologies in a responsible, ethical way.  We work with the entire community – staff, students, and parents – to develop a cyber-safe culture. We draw alongside students as they embrace new technology to instruct and model how to be strong and purposeful digital citizens.