Strategic Intentions:

Planning for Future Growth & Fruitfulness

The leadership of Northside Christian College is committed to providing an attractive, functional environment that supports and encourages the learning and living together of a Christian, educational community.  From its humble beginnings in a hall in Reservoir over 35 years ago (1979) to the present stage of development, the College has welcomed families and children of diverse ethnic origins, ability levels and denominational traditions.  In this way the College is a vibrant, inclusive Christian community, demonstrating the biblical values of respect tolerance, understanding and love.


The College has also planned and operated responsibly to develop high quality buildings and facilities. The grounds provide interesting play areas, communal seating, shade and beauty in their design and vegetation. In this way the College demonstrates the biblical values of excellence, stewardship and responsibility for the built and natural environment.


The College curriculum is rich, creative and comprehensive recognizing a range of abilities and learning styles, providing skills and tools for all students from Prep to Year 12. Learning is never values-free. Christian Education explores life and our physical world from a Biblical Christian perspective. Clear behavioural expectations provide security and moral development and guidance, based on the biblical vales of respect honesty, fairness and compassion.


This is a plan for the future. It describes the dreams and vision we have to maintain our resources and develop and improve in every way. We acknowledge our dependence on God, our Father and Provider for wisdom, unity and many gifts of grace. We also acknowledge the financial support of the Australian Government in capital grants for buildings and through numerous other funding arrangements. We are blessed to have a government that supports our faith-based education and gives parents the right to choose a faith-based school for the education of their children.