Christian Education at Northside Christian College in Bundoora is an integrated approach to learning with clearly defined presuppositions.

These include:

  • There is a God, who is revealed in the Bible as the creator of all things, the giver and sustainer of life.
  • Students and teachers are together able to explore the basis of a relationship with God, and seek to live together according to the principles established in the Bible.
  • Learning is never value-free.  It is important to identify and state Biblical values which apply to an area of study and be able to exercise good judgement to discern what is good, right and excellent in life.
  • Christian Education resists the view that some parts of life are secular and others spiritual.  The beliefs and values held by a person give direction and standards for decision making and behaviour in every aspect of life.

Northside Christian College – Victoria, Melbourne from Northside Christian College on Vimeo.