The parents and friends group exists to offer support to the school community, parents, and teachers of Northside Christian College. The group organises and conducts fundraising events, social activities (especially keeping in mind new parents to the school) and endeavours to raise the profile of the school in the local community. This is done in consultation with the School Principal and College Council.
The Parents and Friends Association has been responsible for Fundraising through events such as the Twilight Fete, Hot Food Days, Mothers/Fathers Day Stalls, and Bunnings Sausage Sizzles.
The Association also serves the school community by running the school canteen and organising social events for the college such as the Debutante Ball, Year Six Graduation, Year Twelve Graduation, World Teacher Day Breakfast, and Principal morning teas/lunches.
Many other parents show their support for the Parents & Friends Group by assisting at specific events mentioned above.
Money raised has been used towards:
$25,000 – new Design and Technology building
$ 6,000 – basketball court
$ 1,500 – pottery kiln
$ 7,000 – gym
$ 3,500 – playground equipment
$ 3,000 – shade sails