• The College collects information from families for various purposes, student enrolment and duty of care.  Failure to provide the information requested may jeopardise a student’s enrolment at any time.  The school’s privacy policy and collection notices are available on request.
  • Information provided by parents/guardians in the application for admission must be true.
  • Students must be respectful of the College’s staff and practices and bring credit to the College through their admission.
  • Parents/guardians and enrolled students must agree to support planned College activities and abide by all College regulations, policies and protocols for the duration of the student’s enrolment.
  • Parents/guardians and enrolled students must advise the College of any change in their address or in any other circumstances that may affect the offer of admission or continuation of enrolment.
  • Parents/guardians jointly and severally must agree to abide by the business arrangements of the College including inter alia:
  • Parents/guardians will make payment of school fees, charges and contributions as fixed by the College Board and invoiced by the school.  The minimum fee invoiced will be 25% of the annual fee.
  • Parents/guardians will provide of a term’s notice in writing to the Principal of intent to withdraw a student or payment of an additional term’s fees above those previously invoiced, in lieu of a terms notice.
  • The Principal has the right to suspend a student’s enrolment if more than the minimum fee invoiced is outstanding or to direct that another fee arrangement be entered into
  • There will be no remission of fees for student absence or for other arrangements privately entered into by, or on behalf of, the student.
  • Parents/guardians will be involved in the Parent Participation Scheme.
  • Subject to lawful procedures and interview, the College reserves the right to offer or decline admission without disclosure of reasons.  Enrolments are offered on the basis of a student’s ability to benefit from the education offered by Northside Christian College and the complementary nature of relationship between the student and the College, for mutual advantage.  Priority is given to students with siblings already enrolled.
  • Subject to lawful procedures, all assessed physical and intellectual property of the College remains its property and any records in any media of students undertaking College activities remain the marketable property of the College.  Work that is produced by the student whilst enrolled at the College may be used at the College’s discretion in school publications.
  • No liability will be accepted by the College for the loss or damage of student or family property brought to the College.
  • Whilst enrolled students are in the care of College staff, either at or away from the College site, parents/guardians must agree to staff in charge of their child, seeking medical or surgical treatment as deemed necessary and not to hold the College responsible for the payment of such treatment.
  • The College Board may amend, add or delete conditions for admission or other regulations at its discretion.

For all other enquiries regarding enrolment, please contact our Registrar at the details below:
Mrs Sharon Miller

T: 03 9467 2499
F: 03 9467 4899
Street address:
31 McLeans Road
Bundoora VIC 3083