How does the NCC curriculum differ from the state curriculum?

All registered schools in Victoria must meet the minimum requirement of the VRQA (Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority), to gain and maintain registration.  This means that our curriculum is the same shape as the other schools in terms of key learning areas, and the outcomes of skills and understandings expected by the end of the VELS (Victorian Essential Learning Standards) levels.  That is L1 – PREP, L2 – end of Grade 2, L3 – end of Grade 4, L4 – end of Grade 6, L5 – end of Year 8, L6 – end of Year 10.

The content of curriculum may vary from school to school as long as those outcomes are met.  (These outcomes are minimum and we would expect most students to be above them).

The NCC distinctive of Christian Education has to do with the pre-suppositions underlying all learning.  Which are that this is God’s world that values principles for living that are explicit in the Scriptures, and that relationships are critical.

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