Middle School – Year 7 to 9

Deputy Principal – Mr Wayne Barker
Director of Learning: Ms Jo Westland

Students at these levels are experiencing physical and emotional changes, and heightened social awareness.  They are immersed in a world of digital communication, especially via mobile phones and the internet.  They have access to information and stimuli far beyond their capacity to process and judge.  Secondary study programs must help students make sense of the world they live in, harnessing the communication skills they have and providing an ethical framework for decision – making and behaviour.  To this end, the Junior Secondary curriculum offers:

  • English:  offered as cross-age, modular studies, with a degree of elective election
  • Mathematics:  building on the Year 5/6 program, to streamed classes at Years 9 and 10
  • Science:  building a methodology of scientific thought and practice, and distinguishing those areas where ethics and personal beliefs are valid and necessary
  • History and Geography:  Accessing the nature and impact of human activity on present day societies and on the planet and its resources
  • Christian Life Studies:  Using a text co-authored by a College teacher, students investigate the teachings of the Bible and the major premises of the Christian faith, especially what it means to have a faith relationship with the Living God of the Bible
  • PE/Sport:  an emphasis on fitness, health and interschool competition
  • Learning Support offered within elective blocks
  • Music, Art, Food, Textiles and Construction Technologies:  taken as core or elective subjects in our well-equipped facilities.

2016 Parent Information

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