YEAR 7 & 8

Co-ordinator Year 7 to 10:-  Miss Jo Westland

Junior Secondary is the entry years into secondary school where students embark on a journey of self discovery and awareness as they begin to make the transition from Primary through to Senior Secondary.  These are critical, foundational years for students to begin to engage in their own learning, establish positive studying habits and develop time management skills.  At Northside Christian College, our staff are committed to helping and guiding our students as they negotiate the twists and turns they encounter on the journey to becoming the men and women God intends them to be.

Core Subjects

The core subjects that are studied at Northside Christian College during Years 7 & 8 include Maths, English (mixed classes across years 7 & 8 aimed to assist students with ESL and as well as encouraging and extending students in keeping with their level of learning capabilities), History, Geography, Science, Art, Music, Physical Education and Bible.  Students in Junior secondary also participate in taster subjects across the semesters including Home Economics, Media, Woodwork and ICT.