Co-ordinator: Miss Jo Westland

Year 9

Year of Challenge (1)


Year 9 at Northside is a Year of Challenge for the students. We want our students to be deeply engaged with learning and motivated to explore, discover and grow – academically, socially, physically and spiritually.  The Challenge program has been designed to develop students in all of these areas.  Curriculum is linked to activities outside the classroom and students’ in-class learning is strengthened by their Challenge experiences.  Year 9’s face the challenge of moving from childhood to young adulthood and dealing with their studies and their relationships in a more adult manner. It is also a time when many students find the restrictions of normal classroom life very difficult. We extend and support them through this time by engaging them in a series of challenges outside the classroom.

Year 9’s take part in several camps throughout the year, including City ChallengeCoastal ChallengeCommunity Service Challenge and Cultural Challenge.  They experience such activities as surfing, snorkelling, kayaking,  bike riding and bushwalking and they also spend six days using the city as a classroom. These activities lead to a growth in self-esteem; new knowledge about themselves and their class-mates, and a greater confidence in their ability to deal with new and challenging experiences.  The program also gives opportunities for achievement and leadership to students who don’t necessarily excel in a conventional classroom.

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