Senior School – Year 10 to 12

Director of Learning: Mrs Angela Eynaud




Year 10 at Northside Christian College aims to prepare students for studies in VCE or VCAL. The focus of Year 10 is broadening students’ understanding of themselves as global citizens and preparing them to take their place as ethical and responsible citizens in that world. Increased opportunities for students to exercise autonomy are provided through the provision of a flexible learning space and the opportunity to choose electives that correlate with their interests and future career paths. An emphasis is placed on Careers education and work readiness. Students are able to select two options each semester from the following lists. Year 10 students also are prepared for and participate in a Work-Experience Program for two weeks of Term 1.

Core Subjects
Physical Education
Christian Life Studies
Personal Development
Careers and Work Studies
Elective Subjects
Legal Studies
Studio Arts
Visual Communication
and Design
Food Technology
Personal Project

At least one VCE subject is offered each year as extension for high performing Year 10 students The VCE subjects offered in 2016 are Literature and Mathematical Methods.

The academic aspirations of students are also catered for by the Year 10 Mathematics program which allows students to choose their maths group according to the level of maths they wish to study in VCE.  While not locking them in to an early decision, this does prepare them for and help them to understand what will be required of them in VCE Mathematics.


As the number of VCE students continues to rise, the College remains committed to offering a varied and flexible program for Senior students who can choose a customised program which suits individual needs and interests. A continuing advantage of the program offered at Northside is the small class size. Many classes operate at around 6-9 students. As we grow our classes will continue to reflect small sizes to enable focussed study and learning.

Students can choose from a wide variety of VCE subjects.

Subjects offered in 2015/16 at VCE level include: Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, English, EAL, Health and Human Development, Informatics, Literature, Legal Studies, Maths Methods, Further Maths, General Maths and Specialist Maths, History, Media, Outdoor and Environmental Studies, Physics, Psychology, Food and Technology, LOTE, Music Performance and Studio Arts.



Northside Christian College belongs to the Northern Melbourne VET Cluster therefore students have the option to choose a VET course as part of their program. Students may choose from a huge array of VET courses offered in one of 37 schools. In the past, students have completed certificates in Automotive, Building and Construction, Hospitality, Community Services, Retail, Plumbing, Engineering, Integrated Digital Media, Sport and Recreation and many others facilitating smooth transition into apprenticeships, work or further study. Our timetable is arranged in such a way as to enable our VET students to attend their courses and complete work placement without missing any classes. Not all schools make this allowance.



For students aiming to enter the workforce via an apprenticeship or study at TAFE, Northside Christian College offers VCAL as an appropriate pathway and an alternative to VCE. Students are enrolled in the certificate level (Intermediate or Senior) that suits their needs. Students considering VCAL as a pathway can try it out by selecting the PreCAL option in Year 10.



At Northside Christian College the following subjects are offered:

  • English
  • Literature
  • General and Further maths
  • Maths Methods CAS
  • Specialist Maths
  • History
  • Studio Arts
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Business Management
  • Outdoor and Environmental Studies
  • Computing and Informatics
  • Media
  • Music Performance
  • Legal Studies

2016 Yr 10 Parent Information

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