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Congratulations Class of 2023

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As the academic year comes to a close at Northside Christian College, we are grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the Year 12 class of 2023. The Year 12 students at Northside graduated last week at the Secondary School Celebration event. Earlier today, students gained access to their results for 2023. Some students achieved Study Scores above 40 in Business Management, Chemistry, Health and Human Development, General Mathematics, and VET Engineering. We continue to pray for the Year 12 graduates as they make preparations for their post-school pathways.

Christ at the Centre
Last week, at our Celebration events, we thanked God for all the blessings we have received as a community this year. At Northside, we have an overarching theme every year that guides us as a College community in developing a deeper understanding of the character of God. This year, the College theme was ‘Goodness’. We have reflected on how we are created in the image of God, and how God’s goodness can be amplified in our lives. Throughout the year, it was so special to observe our students flourish with their learning, wellbeing, knowledge of God’s character, and understanding of their purpose in life.

Dux of the Class
We are pleased to advise that our Dux for 2023 is Joshua Chitrathomas (pictured) who achieved an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 96.00. At the recent Secondary School Celebration Evening, Joshua was awarded the Ampol Best All-Rounder Award. This prestigious award recognised Joshua’s outstanding commitment and effort in demonstrating the key characteristics of the Best All-Rounder, including Academic, Attitude, Personal Conduct, Leadership, and Service. Joshua was also awarded the Year 12 STEM Motivation Award, sponsored by the Australian Defence Force (ADF), which recognised a student who demonstrates a high level of motivation in the learning area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Joshua was also the recipient of the Mathematical Methods Subject Award at Northside.

Principal’s Award
At the Celebration Evening event, Andee Tham received the Northside Christian College Principal’s Award. This award acknowledges an outstanding commitment to improvement. This award provides an opportunity for the College to recognise a student who is aiming for academic excellence while striving towards developing an authentic Christian character. Andee is not just an outstanding student in the classroom but is someone who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to improvement in her learning. Andee has not only excelled academically, but actively shares her faith and upholds College and Biblical values while interacting with staff, students, and the College community. We also congratulate Andee on receiving an outstanding ATAR of 93.1. Andee was also the recipient of the College’s Chemistry Subject Award.

Highest Study Score
Among the many positive results this year, one student has achieved the highest Study Score, a testament to their exceptional knowledge and understanding of the curriculum. Year 11 student Marshel Karunaratne received a perfect Study Score of 50 for his studies in General Mathematics. We congratulate Marshel on his amazing study score in this subject.

Embracing Educational Opportunities
Our Senior School students have valued the opportunity to pursue both the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and Vocational Major (VM) during 2023. These certificates have allowed our students to explore diverse academic interests in preparation for a diverse range of post-school pathways. We congratulate the VCE and VM students at the College on their achievements across a broad range of subjects.

We acknowledge the many students who completed Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses in 2023. The College is grateful to be part of the Northern Melbourne VET Cluster, which provides opportunities for students to complete VET courses during their Senior School years. VET studies have allowed our students to work towards qualifications for all types of employment, and gain sector-specific skills to help them prepare for the workplace.

Thank you, Parents and Staff
May we acknowledge and thank our parents and dedicated teaching and support staff for their work supporting our students throughout their learning journey. Many thanks to Mrs Lenna Waters, Director of Senior School Learning, who has worked so closely with students, staff, and families. At Northside Christian College, our staff, parents, and students are committed to assisting each student to achieve their personal best. Furthermore, we acknowledge that we are preparing our students for a diverse range of pathways reflective of the passions, gifts, and talents God has blessed them with to serve others. Careers and pathway planning are an ongoing part of our Secondary School program at the College.

Please continue to pray for the class of 2023 as they prepare for a broad range of post-school pathways.

We congratulate all students from our Year 12 class of 2023 and wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

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