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Inspire Program

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INSPiRE is a school wide program launched in 2016 which aims at developing the giftings God has placed inside of our students into talents which they can use to benefit and transform their worlds, or to “let their lights shine” as Jesus commanded His followers in Matthew 5:16. The INSPiRE Program at Northside Christian College is a talent development initiative intended to “stretch” the most able students, through mentoring, learning challenges, excursions and competitions.

The program incorporates:

  • Mentoring: Academic (VCE students), competition-based (students involved in academic competitions), and project-based (small groups completing specialised projects).
  • Academic competitions: Australian Maths Competition, Maths Talent Quest, Science Talent Search, Debating
  • Specialised curriculum classes: INSPiRE Maths (High Flyers, Problem Solvers)
  • Passion Projects: Student-led projects in a variety of fields (Art, performance, event management, sport, leadership, coaching, business management)
  • Creative outlets: Write a Book in a Day competition, Drama master classes, literature club, Philosophy conferences and presentations

For more information:

Please also refer to the INSPiRE Program Handbook.

Inspire Program


Student involvement in the program is determined through a combination of teacher recommendation, self-selection and academic testing, depending on the activity and the level of rigour required for successful participation.

The INSPiRE program provides an opportunity for our students to explore their giftings outside of the regular classroom in a variety of ways, and is our College’s most targeted approach for “releasing potential to transform our world.”


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