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Student Mentoring

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Mentoring is a very powerful way of helping our students to make the journey to realising their full God-given potential with someone more experienced than they are. 

During 2017, the College launched an innovative mentor program to support our Year 11 and 12 students during their final years of Senior School. Students are matched up with a staff mentor who spends time with them each week, catching up with them on how they are going and helping them to set goals towards personal and academic success. This provides mentors with an opportunity to gain insight into a student’s areas of strength and weakness, monitor their academic progress and meet to discuss how the College can best support them individually.

It is a testament to the strength of our College Community to see the volume of staff members who have volunteered their time to work with our students in a mentoring capacity. We mentors represent all areas of our College staff, from teaching, administration and welfare departments.

We are seeing an increased sense of community as well as rigour and support being sown into our VCE students through this valuable program, and we look forward to strong ‘personal best’ outcomes for each of our students in response.

The mentor program provides the College with another strategy for providing pastoral care for our students. Likewise, it is an opportunity to further support our students with achieving their learning goals at Northside Christian College.

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