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10 Support Structures for Students at Northside

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Whether it is your first year or you are returning to study at Northside, there are a wide range of support structures to assist students in making a good start to the new school year.

1. Home Group Teacher
Home Group Teachers are an integral part of the Pastoral Care system at Northside. During Home Group time, there is an opportunity for the Home Group Teacher to meet with the students and share instructions for the day as well as routines and procedures to support students. At the start of the year, the Home Group teacher can assist students with understanding their timetable and locating classrooms. Home Group classes meet daily and include prayer, administrative matters, and issues of student wellbeing. The Home Group teacher is the student’s first point of call on all College matters; monitors the progress of all students; and liaises with parents, other teachers, and the students themselves about their progress.

2. Subject Teachers
Subject teachers are the most appropriate staff members to talk to about curriculum, learning resources, revision strategies, and assessments. The student timetable on SEQTA will highlight the teacher for each subject.

3. Sub-school Directors of Learning
The Sub-school Directors of Learning provide educational leadership across the three sub-schools at Northside Christian College. These leaders support the implementation of Christian education across the College and can provide guidance about administrative procedures, selecting electives, changing electives and subjects, and more. Our sub-schools are supported by Mr Chris Drowley (Primary School), Ms Jo Westland (Middle School), and Mrs Lenna Waters (Senior School). Mrs Waters also supports our students with Careers and Pathway planning.

4. Student Wellbeing Team / Child Safety Officer
Northside is grateful to have a Student Wellbeing team that proactively supports students. The team consists of Mrs Heather Cootee, Head of Wellbeing, Chaplain Mr Jared Stocks, and Ms Chelsea Weeks. This team works closely with staff at the College and also collaborates with parents, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders.

Northside Christian College has appointed Mrs Heather Cootee as the College’s Child Safety Officer. Heather is a contact person for children, young people, parents, employees, and volunteers to seek advice and support regarding the safety and wellbeing of children and young people within our College.

5. Learning Support
The College’s Learning Support Team under the leadership of Mrs Serene Eng, supports students with disability and students experiencing difficulty achieving in different areas of the curriculum. Our Learning Support Assistants work with students and staff across all year levels. The Learning Support team is passionate about supporting our students to overcome barriers that may impact their access and participation in the learning program. Learning Support staff work closely with students, parents, and staff in implementing relevant individual education programs with a focus on maintaining an inclusive learning environment for all students. The Learning Support staff work with students individually, in the classrooms, or in small groups. Mrs Eng also facilitates Student Support Group (SSG) meetings to support students in accessing and participating in the learning program at Northside.

6. I.T. Support
The College’s I.T. Help Desk provides support for students by resolving technical issues, providing device support, and assisting students with software functionality. The I.T. team can also support connecting student devices with College systems. The team also assists students with using a wide range of software and web-based platforms to support learning at Northside. For assistance, please feel free to connect with Mr Alister Smith or Mr Joshua Slewa in the I.T. team.

INSPiRE is a school-wide program at Northside that aims at developing the giftings God has placed inside of our students into talents that they can use to benefit and transform their worlds, or to “let their lights shine” as Jesus commanded His followers in Matthew 5:16. The INSPiRE Program at Northside Christian College is a talent development initiative intended to “stretch” the most able students, through mentoring, learning challenges, excursions, and competitions. For more information, about the INSPiRE program, please feel free to contact Mrs Anthea Field.

8. Vision Prayer
We are grateful to have Primary and Secondary School student prayer groups. Vision Prayer provides an opportunity for students to spend time together in prayer, worship, and the Word. Furthermore, the Secondary School students help run the Vision Junior Prayer Group. To find out more details about our prayer groups, please feel free to contact our Chaplain, Mr Jared Stocks.

9. Library
The College’s Library staff supports students by collating a diverse collection of resources, assisting students with research, promoting literacy, offering guidance on information skills, and creating a positive learning environment for research and exploration. We are grateful for the support of Mrs Kylie Drowley (Teacher Librarian) and Ms Rachel Skerry (Library Technician) in the College Library.

10. Reception
The College’s Reception team provides essential assistance by welcoming students, assisting with attendance matters, addressing enquiries, facilitating communication between parents and staff, and supporting with health-related matters. For support, feel free to contact the Reception team at 9467 2499 or email

Our team of staff at Northside is passionate about creating a positive and nurturing learning environment for all students. Our team of staff looks forward to supporting our students to flourish.

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