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Faith Development

Transforming Lives Through Christ and the Wonder of Learning

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Faith Development

It is our hope and prayer that students at Northside Christian College will have a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and that they will live their lives and make choices on the basis of Christian principles and values such as compassion and mercy, love, critical discernment, a concern for integrity and justice, the courage to pursue what is good, appreciation and care for God’s world and practical service for the welfare of the community and world.

We recognise that faith development is a journey where students enjoy the experienced faith of their family and parents, look for belonging in a community of faith and with their peers, move through periods of questioning and testing and come to a committed, owned faith where they seek to serve God in all they do.

The College supports and nurtures this journey, in partnership with families, parents and the church, by attempting to provide students with the intellectual, moral, spiritual and practical insights and tools to live life well before God. Students are encouraged to bring critical discernment to all areas of knowledge and experience and develop Christian understandings about all aspects of life.

Our hope is that students might “become mature attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.” Ephesians 4:13    

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