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Statement of Democratic Principles

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Statement of Democratic Principles

Northside Christian College was established in 1979 within the guidelines for the establishment of a school within the State of Victoria. The College is committed to compliance with State and Federal Law and adherence to the policies and expectations of legally appointed authorities that oversee the operation of educational institutions in this State. In this regard, we recognise:

  1. The principle of elected government at Federal, State and local levels of government.
  2. The rule of Law, and the right of the parliament and legal authorities to make and enforce compliance with that Law.
  3. The equal rights of all people before the Law.
  4. The freedom of religion
  5. The freedom of speech and association
  6. The values of openness, inclusion and tolerance

We further state that the College strongly supports and applauds the Government’s recognition of the right of faith-based schools to actively teach and model the beliefs, tenents and practices of the faith and to employ staff who actively practice and live by them.

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