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Anti-Harassment and Bullying

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Anti-Harassment and Bullying

Northside Christian College is committed to maintaining a work and student environment that reflects Christian relational values and practices. We expect every member of the College, from the youngest to the oldest student, all our staff and the wider community to give and receive respect.

At Northside Christian College, we do not tolerate bullying in any form. All members of our College community are committed to ensuring a caring and safe environment, which promotes personal growth and a positive self-esteem.

We believe all members of our College community have the expectation and right to a safe environment and to be treated fairly with respect and courtesy. We believe these rights have concurrent responsibilities that include accepting others and treating them with dignity and respect. The Student Code of Conduct further highlights these expectations and is documented in Appendix A of the College’s Anti-Harassment and Bullying Policy.

The College shows procedural fairness when handling complaints and investigations and will partner with families to bring about appropriate resolutions. As a College community we endeavour, through a variety of approaches and in collaboration with all the parties concerned (staff, students and parents), to prevent bullying.

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