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Student Support

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Student Support

Northside Christian College implements a number of strategies to ensure students reach their individual learning goals. The staff at Northside Christian College are committed to discovering and providing the best learning conditions for all students with extra needs in an environment that promotes intellectual, social, emotional, physical and, most importantly, spiritual wellbeing.

Monitoring Literacy and Numeracy Progress

Student progress and growth is monitored and documented throughout the school year. Pre-testing and post-testing are used in classrooms throughout the College. The College has also implemented a standardised testing program throughout the Primary and Secondary School. This data allows the College to more accurately identify students who are at risk in different aspects of literacy and numeracy. This data is used in conjunction with classroom assessment data, NAPLAN data and other evidence.

Parent-Student-Teacher Interview Evenings

Parent-Student-Teacher Interview (PSTI) evenings are conducted twice a year. These evenings present opportunities for parents and guardians to share information about their children and discuss goals for the semester ahead. Students are invited to participate in the Interviews and reflect on goals for the semester ahead.

Entrance Testing

At Northside Christian College, we do testing annually and we invite new students to attend, but it is not a requirement of their enrolment. Entrance testing in literacy, numeracy and comprehension is completed for all new students in Years 2 – 11. In our continued efforts to refine and improve the effectiveness of our educational processes, each student at Northside participates in one morning of annual testing to gather up to date academic data. This data gives us the capacity to clearly identify areas of strength and areas in need for improvement in each child’s learning profile. This in turn leads to more effectively targeted teaching and learning experiences resulting in better outcomes for all students at Northside Christian College. Academic testing is conducted by Academic Assessment Services (commonly known as Allwell).

Parent Involvement in their child’s education

The College welcomes and encourages parent involvement in their child's education. Parent-Student-Teacher interview days are very well attended as are subject selection and parent information evenings. Many parents keep in contact with teachers through the email system and by telephone. Home Group teachers liaise with parents if there are issues of concern and welcome contact from home.

Continuous Online Reporting (CORP)

The College conducted a successful trial of a Continuous Online Reporting Program (CORP) in the Secondary School in 2016 and will be introducing CORP for all subjects in the Secondary School in 2017.

CORP increases awareness of individual learning needs, provides quality and timely information to parents and guardians, and improves classroom and administrative efficiency.

The concept of continuous online reporting is supported by research in the area of assessment, reporting and student learning. It draws on the meta-analyses of Professor John Hattie from the University of Auckland, which found that ‘informative feedback’ had one of the most significant impacts on student learning.

Students at Northside Christian College receive feedback through discussing strengths and areas that need improvement. Continuous online reporting also makes feedback available to parents in a secure online environment. Parents can view results for assessments without waiting until the end of the semester. The online assessment information is not designed to replace semester reports, but rather to complement them by providing timely and ongoing information for parents and guardians.



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