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Mission and Vision

Transforming Lives Through Christ and the Wonder of Learning

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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Transforming lives through Christ and the wonder of learning.

Vision Statement

To be an inspirational Christian learning community. 

Our mission, “Transforming lives through Christ and the wonder of learning”, sums up our commitment to making a difference in this world. Through the design and structuring of our learning programs and modern learning environments, we are well equipped to nurture and develop the unique talent, gifting, and interests of students.

As a Christian learning community, we have over forty years of tradition educating our students to live out the timeless values of perseverance, humility and integrity; preparing them for meaningful and purposeful engagement in every area of their lives. The Bible informs our curriculum, our relationships and our practices. All of our staff are practicing Christians, applying their faith to their teaching and other work.

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Northside Christian College
31 McLeans Rd, Bundoora VIC 3083, Australia
Phone: 03 9467 2499