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Committee of Management

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Committee of Management

Commitment to good governance is essential for the success and ongoing planning of directions for any school.  Time is given generously for monthly meetings of the Committee of Management. The strategic directions of the College have been determined through Committee of Management and Senior Staff discussions and ensure alignment between policy directions and the daily management and leadership of the College.

The essence of the Committee of Management’s governance role at Northside Christian College is to oversee all aspects of the College, appoint the Principal, and ensure a strategic approach to the College’s future by setting major objectives, policy frameworks and strategies. The Committee of Management must also monitor adherence to systems of risk management, ensure compliance with legal obligations and undertake periodic performance reviews. The Committee of Management is also committed to ensuring the financial security of Northside Christian College.

The College Executive Team has developed a range of strategic priorities with short and long-term goals. These have been presented, discussed and approved by the Committee of Management and now form the basis of the College’s School Improvement Plan for 2014 – 2017.

The Committee of Management is responsible for developing policies to reflect the College’s values and support the College’s broad direction, as outlined in the improvement plan. The Northside Christian College policies are documents that are made available to the College community as a means to clarify functions and responsibilities, manage change, promote consistency, meet standards and make decision-making transparent. The Committee of Management are responsible for reviewing the College’s policies on a regular cycle with some policies requiring review on an annual basis.

The implementation of the Child Safe Standards and the guidelines outlined in Ministerial Order No. 870 was a key priority for the Committee of Management during the 2016 academic school year. The Committee of Management have approved a new Child Safety Policy, Code of Conduct and Procedures and a wide range of supportive policies and documents to ensure that the College maintains a culture of child safety. A wide range of resources have been published on the College website.

Committee Members

Mark Donato

Mark Donato

Date Appointed: 25/03/09 to 23/05/12 & rejoined 15/5/13
Qualifications: Bachelor of Applied Science, Cert IV in Christian Ministry

Mark joined the Committee of Management in 2009 and has served as the President of the Committee since May 2015. He is the Executive Pastor of Operations at the Bundoora campus of Encompass Church. Mark has experience in the banking industry and was previously the Head of Supply Chain Performance for NAB. He is passionate about good corporate governance, which has been a valuable asset for the Committee of Management. Mark is married to Gianna and they have three children, two are currently students at Northside.

John Spinella

John Spinella

Date Appointed: 7/1/1991
Qualifications: Master of Arts - Bible Theology & Leadership

John joined the Committee of Management in 1991. John and his wife Lois moved to Encompass Church (formerly known as Northside Christian Church) in 1987 becoming its Senior Pastor. He was the Senior Pastor of the Church and held the position of Chairman on both the Church Board and the College Council between 1998 and May 2013. He is the Victorian State Vice-President of Australian Christian Churches and Senior Pastor of Encompass Church. John has served in various church leadership roles, at both country and city churches, during his three decades of full time ministry.

Henry Franck

Henry Franck

Date Appointed: 22/5/2015
Qualifications: Diploma of Ministry

Henry joined the Committee of Management in 2015 and is serving as the Committee Secretary. He is a pastor in the Australian Christian Churches and is the Mernda Campus Pastor of Encompass Church. Henry and his wife Vicki are the owners of MBC Cleaning Services, operating in the northern and eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Henry and Vicki have two children who are currently students at Northside.

Filomena Palmer

Jinu Abraham

Date Appointed: 26/05/2017
Qualifications: Masters in Accounting and Financial Management, Bachelor of Commerce

Jinu joined the Committee of Management in 2017 and brings experience as a Finance and Operations Manager. He is currently employed by Mustad Australia Pty Ltd completing a variety of financial and stewardship activities including reporting, statutory and tax compliance, managing risk and partnering with external stakeholders for business growth. Jinu brings a broad range of skills to the Committee of Management including financial analysis, business analysis, project management, business strategy and managerial finance.

Karen Burke

Karen Burke

Date Appointed: 25/05/2018
Qualifications: Bachelor of Education

Karen joined the Committee of Management in 2018. She is a Teacher at Banyule Primary School and former Primary Teacher at Epping Views Primary School, one of the largest Primary Schools in Australia. Karen has been a primary school teacher for 16 years, teaching all year levels as a classroom teacher with a few years as a Performing Arts teacher. Her educational leadership expertise, from Year Level Team Leader through to Teaching and Learning Coach, provides a strong knowledge of curriculum, assessments and pedagogy. Karen has been attending Encompass Church for 6 years and has served and been a Team Leader within the Welcome Team. She is married to Colin and they have recently adopted a baby boy. Karen looks forward to utilising her knowledge and skills as a member of the Committee of Management.

Oscar Ruiz

Phil Johns

Date Appointed: 10/6/2020
Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Honours

Background Information: Phil joined the Committee of Management in 2020. He has extensive Project Management experience across various industrial sectors.  Phil was a board member at Moonee Vale Christian School between 2004 and 2012 and served on the steering committee for projects and leading numerous sub-committee while on the board. Phil has also served as a board member for Inner City Christian Church between 1999 and 2005. He is people-oriented, results-focused, and decisive concerning efficiently and effectively delivering project goals. 


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